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Risks Of Accepting Guest Posts And What You Can Do To Avoid Them

No doubt about it. Guest blogging is a powerful tool that helps increase a website’s search engine rankings and traffic, widens readership, and develops strong relationships between website owners and authors. With such benefits, it’s no surprise that everyone else is jumping into the bandwagon.

However, as guest blogging gain much popularity and turned into the method of choice by businesses, website owners and bloggers for building page ranks, a lot of people are also using the method the wrong way. As a result, this once revered link building strategy is now being regarded by some as a risk.  Here are the reasons why: Risks of accepting guest posts.

Guest blogging can negatively affect your page rank

There are two ways how accepting guest blogs could hurt your page rank. First, the quality of content may not be relevant or well-written and second the article may contain broken or spam links. Be aware that Google’s latest algorithm update (Penguin 2.0) is always on the lookout for these two things, and if you simply accept guest posts without double-checking them, chances are, your website is already filled with low-quality content and problematic links, both of which could degrade your site’s SEO performance.

Guest blogging can ruin your relationship with other bloggers

Of course, when a guest blogger writes a piece that he or she thinks will add value to your blog’s community, the author definitely wants it to be published. The problem could arise when you reject his or her work or when you did not post the article immediately. Some guest bloggers just don’t know how to accept rejection gracefully, so they may say something bad about you or your website and this surely could affect your readership.

Guest blogging may annoy some readers

When guest posting was still in its infancy, the real goal behind it was for websites to generate fresh content from authors who can add value to the table. Over time, however, many guest bloggers forget this and indiscriminately use the method to simply drive traffic to their own websites or increase the awareness on their brands. What they do is create content that is not relevant to the site’s niche and in some cases are too advertorial in tone. These types of content can annoy your regular readers and if you publish posts like these, you are likely going to lose a lot of your readers, most of whom are there to read your opinions.

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What you can do to avoid guest blogging risks

Of course, guest blogging is still a good tool and it is crucial to get your website noticed. You simply cannot rule it out when trying to build your readership and improve your relationship with other website owners and bloggers.

However, like any other link building technique, it is prone to abuse and this is when risks come into play. So the best thing you can do to protect your site against those risks is to practice due diligence. That means if you accept guest posts, it is a good idea that you review the submissions first before you publish them. Check the quality of content and make sure that all the links are pointed to authoritative sources and are relevant to the topic being discussed and to your niche.

Equally important is to time the posts right. Don’t publish guest posts on consecutive days as doing so will make your readers think that you are no longer interested to write your own content. What you want to do is to limit the several days you publish guest posts–say, once or twice a week. Lastly, set the right guidelines so that guest bloggers know that they have rules to follow and they cannot just send any articles they want.

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